Calling All Aspiring Podcasters!

Launch Your Podcast—Without Any Experience in Just 14 Days

Find out how people are taking their podcast ideas from zero to launch in 2 weeks, without any guesswork and insecurity.

Hi, I’m Rasmus MP.

I’m the CEO of Podcasting Pilot, and I’ve been a radio journalist for 12 years now, and as a podcast editor, I’ve reviewed more than a hundred podcasts.

Because of my experience in radio and as a podcast editor, I’ve seen first-hand the rise of podcasts as an important form of media.

I’ve also seen how confused people can feel when they think about starting one.

Podcasting can feel like an easy thing to start. You only need a microphone and audio editing software, after all.

We all know things aren’t so simple…

If they were, there would be even more highly successful podcasts out there.

Where do I host it? What platforms do I use? How do I make an introduction? What do I even talk about? How do I invite guests to my show?

These are only a few of the dozens of questions that come up when we start our first podcast.

Because of that, a lot of new aspiring podcasters either give up entirely, or start their new interest with too much guessing, and not enough knowing.

All this confusion can easily lead to burnout.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

In today’s day and age, more and more people are listening.

They want to hear you and your message.

But you need a good plan to follow, so you don’t fall into confusion and burnout like all the others.

I’m here to give exactly that to you.

Rasmus is a star on the stage! I invited him to speak to 200 of our customers to talk about how they could get into media more easily. During the talk, Rasmus answered questions showing great insight, and the participants went home with plenty of ideas.

Sosun Sendi

Head of Content & Relations at Mynewsdesk

Rasmus has held inspirational classes for high school students at Tårnby and Lyngby Gymnasium several times. Rasmus is a skilled communicator who, with professionalism and humor, manages to inspire and convey knowledge about journalism and the modern world.

Casper Licht

Education consultant at the Danish Canoe and Kayak Association

I hired Rasmus to be in charge of a six-hour seminar on idea development for our interns. The result was excellent. Rasmus is a creative genius, and through practical exercises, he has given the trainees tools that they can use in their daily work.

Anders Køpke

Journalist, host and trainee supervisor at TV Syd in Denmark

Introducing the Exact Blueprint That Will Take You from Zero to Hero in 2 Weeks…

This is NOT just “another podcast course” that will talk, and talk, and talk, and not give you a single actionable step to take.

It’s quite the contrary.

In this course, you’ll get 14 lessons, each one followed by an exercise that you’ll have to complete.

And here’s the main thing:

With Podcast in a Box, you don’t have the classic excuse:

“But I don’t have enough time!”

Podcast in a Box is designed to be completed with only 30-minutes a day, excluding recording time.

10 minutes for the lesson, 20 minutes for the exercises.

No more, no less.

This means that, if you give yourself and your dream of starting a podcast a mere 30 minutes per day, you’ll have it ready for success in 14 days.

How is That Possible?

When we start thinking about a new project, it seems a lot bigger than it actually is.

It might sound impossible to kickstart your podcast in only 14 days, but once you get access to the Podcast in a Box course, you’ll see very clearly how it’s done.

Even better, let me give you a sneak peek right now.



What to expect from this podcasting course



Perfecting your concept and readying your audience



Preparing your podcasting team



Choosing the right equipment



Finding the ideal sound and look for your podcast



Crafting the perfect sales pitch for your podcast



Planning the first episodes for your podcast



Setting up your gear and test recording



Taking the leap—setting up all your channels



Writing the rundown for your first 3 shows



Becoming a good host—how to talk, and how to listen



Final adjustments, building your confidence and finding “Zen”



Recording the first three episodes



How to edit your p before publishing



How to promote your new podcast and set it up for success



What to do from here and preventing burnout

But There’s More!

The Podcast in a Box also comes with bonus bundles to help you make your podcast even better.

30 ways to earn money with your podcast

Podcasts can seem like a difficult thing to monetize, but they’re really not. You’ll get all the ideas and support to start applying monetization methods to your podcast right away.



The ONE thing that will make or break your podcast that no one talks about

We’ll let you in on the secret for a successful podcast that most people who fail aren’t aware of, but that all those to succeed know.



What to buy? The complete guide to the right equipment for every situation and every budget

9 different lists of equipment taking into consideration your podcast style and your budget. Start with what you have, or buy new equipment for as little as $50.



25 ways to get more listeners

A detailed guide on how to grow your audience consistently. Learn how to use the power of algorithms, community and competitions to your advantage.



The guide to consistency

In this, you'll learn the best way to get out of the honeymoon phase and keep going even when you don't feel as hyped any more. You'll get 5 simple and easy to implement tips, so you'll never feel like your podcast is a burden in your life.




Stop Leaving Your Dream for Later!

Become a successful podcaster in 2 WEEKS

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This is limited presale pricing!

After Black Friday, when the Podcast in a Box is released, the price will DOUBLE.

Don’t miss this chance to get the Podcast in a Box for ONLY $27!

If you prove that you did all the lessons and exercises, and still couldn’t get your podcast up and running,

you’ll get your money back.

For only $27



How is this course so cheap?

The Podcast in a Box is such a small price because this is presale pricing. After Black Friday, when the course is formally released, the price will double.

Can I buy this course for this pricing after Black Friday?

No, this is presale pricing only! So don’t miss out on this chance.

What if I don’t like the course?

If you complete all the lessons and exercises that are laid out in the 2 weeks of the Podcast in a Box, and you still weren’t able to get a podcast up and running properly, we will fully refund you.

How can I prove that I completed all the lessons and exercises?

We will ask you for proof such as print screens or pictures of every complete exercise (whether typed or handwritten) and links to prove that you have completed everything.

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